Power Cable Accessories

Heat Shrink Power Cable Accessories

Power Cable Accessories are required to facilitate joint & termination as well as to fulfill the special purpose requirement such as sealing of end of the cable through end cap, bus bar sleeving, bus bar taping, breakouts for separation of cores, rain sheds for increasing creppage distance, right angle boot and straight boot for insulation of switchgear and transformer terminal as per the actual configuration in transformer and switchgear, medium wall tubing for insulation purpose and cable repair sleeve for ensuring wrapping of damaged cable as well as for usage of insulation.

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There are wide range of power cable accessories, cable jointing systems and heat shrink cable available today, which can be classified by the way they are applied such as taped type, pre-moulded / push-on / slip-on type, cold application type and heat shrinkable type. The selection criterion for an appropriate type of cable jointing system by the user should be dependent on the site conditions, operating parameters, voltage applications and cable types.

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