Cold Shrink Cable Joints

Cold Shrink Cable Joints UAE

11KV/22KV/33KV Cold Shrinkable Cable Joints Kits

For several years now, heat shrink cables and cold shrink cables have widely been used in the cable applications like splicing, termination and in offering seals on MV and LV cables. The interesting fact about both the cables is the fact that they appear exactly similar from the outside but their characteristics do differ fairly. The major differences can be seen in the physical properties and the technique of installation. Thereby, it becomes quite crucial for the user to consider all the differences.

The thing with the 11KV/22KV/33KV cold shrink cables is that it allows the tube to slide over the cable very easily because of its stretched position atop a removable plastic core. The cold shrink cable jointing kits are used in situations where it is not possible to utilize the heat shrink techniques. This is predominantly due to the limitations that are placed by the authorities because of certain circumstances.

The 11KV/22KV/33KV cold shrink cable jointing kits are highly popular because you do not require all the unique tools and the permits. This aids in easing the situation. Also, this type of jointing technique is possible in an enclosed area where using the blow torch isn't an option. Another advantage of using the cold shrinkable is that it can also be used in situations where the weather isn’t ideal. Also, it is possible to utilize smart materials with the joints. This would ensure that the seal expands and contracts with every alteration in the temperature and the load. This means that you can presume the joint to withstand for a longer time with a minimised failure rate.

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