Cold Shrink Terminations

11KV/22KV/33KV Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kits

Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kits

With the advancements in today’s times, people have begun to demand for things that can deliver superior performance. The 11KV/22KV/33KV cold shrink cable termination kits is exactly that. These are the kinds of equipment which is used in connecting cables to the transformer terminals, switchgear terminals, poles and much more. The reason why they are so popular is because of the fact that they are rather easy to install and are fast. Other than that, the installation process is one of the safest making the whole process completely danger-free.

Another advantage of the 11KV/22KV/33KV cold shrink cable termination kits is that they can be used indoors as well as outdoors and can be adjusted to fulfil the requirements of low to medium voltage. But, how can it be safe to use it both indoors and outdoors? Well because, they use silicone which makes it as leak proof as possible. They are also UV-stable which means that there isn’t a chance of conducting a carbon path.

They are considered to be safer than the heat shrink cable terminations kits as there isn’t the need of a flame to seal the application. At Yamuna Power and Infrastructure Ltd., the standard and quality of the products are maintained by using only superior quality materials. With our products, we aim towards offering superior performance and enhanced efficiency to all our users.

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