Pre-Moulded Cable Joints

Pre-Moulded Cable Jointing Kits

Pre-Moulded Power Cable Jointing Kits

In today’s times, the pre-moulded cable joints have proved to be quite popular. This is because of their functionality and efficiency. These cables generally use the outer protection kind of tubes which are basically heat shrinkable. The pre-moulded cable joints have exceptionally superior electrical and mechanical properties and are thereby used in a lot of areas for the purpose of connectivity. This is why you can see them mostly being used in manholes and tunnels.

These days they are also available in a wide variety of design and colours according to their purpose and needs. A few of them would be available with a metallic casing while a few others might not have the metallic casing. Similarly, a few of the pre-moulded cable joints are supplied with a double layer of heat shrinkable tubing so that they can withstand any kind of water penetration. The cable joints are created specifically to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and can hence offer superior degree of protection when used.

The thing with pre-moulded cable joints is that they must always be purchased from reputed manufacturers. This would ensure that you get the best product at the best possible prices. At Yamuna Power and Infrastructure Ltd., we ensure that all the products are made of only the very best quality and have passed all the required tests.

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