Pre-Moulded Cable Termination

Pre-Moulded Cable Termination Kits

Pre-Moulded Cable Termination Kits

When it comes to cable termination kits, technology has undoubtedly advanced and that has led to the development of various efficient ones. The pre-molded cable termination kit is perhaps the most popular one and is used primarily in terminating Polyvinyl chloride, Electron Spin Resonance as well as XLPE with the help of aluminum or copper conductors. The pre-molded cables are the ones that include some or the other kind of materials around all the terminations points of the connectors.

But, why is it done? Well, it is done so as to offer protection to the pertinent termination points from its surrounding environment. In short, it safeguards all the termination points from coming in contact with contaminants, dust, any kind of burning agents, corrosive agents, moisture or any other kind of substance that might cause any harm to the cables.

At Yamuna Power and Infrastructure Ltd., we are a reputed company that has been able to create a name in the niche market by offering superior quality products. We understand the needs of every sector and thereby upon judging them; we design products that offer additional benefits. The thing with our products is that they are quality oriented and are hence highly reliable. They are created with the raw materials of exceptional quality and have been through numerous factory tests in order to qualify as per the prescribed standards.

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