Elbow Connectors

DSCS Screened, Separable Connection System 36 kV 630 A

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The Elbow Connectors 25 kV-250, 400 & 630 amps Shielded Connector is shielded and insulated termination, rated 250, 400 & 630 amps upto 24 kV, conected with underground cable ranging from 25 to 400mm2 (conductor cross section). Meets requirements of DIN 47636 standard.

Elbow Connectors 24 kV - 250, 400 & 630 amps Shielded Connectors are molded using high quality peroxide-cured EPDM insulation. It is used to terminate high quality voltage underground cable to switchgear, RMU and 250, 400 & 630 amps junctions equipped with dead break bushing. Shielded Fore-Connectors are designed for usage on solid dielectric cable (XLPE or EPR). In order to provide more cable branch circuits, the shielded fore connectors can be connected with the 24 kV - 250, 400 & 630 Shielded type Sub-Connector.


  • Safe to touch.
  • Capacitive test point.
  • Faster installation.
  • Non-corrosive and UV resistant
  • In-built stress control offering high stress control properties
  • Outstanding mechanical, chemical & electrical properties.
  • Unlimited shelf-life.
  • In compliance with IEC-60502-4.
DSCS Screened, Separable Connection System 36 kV 630 A

Dimension Chart for Screened, Separable Connection System 630 A 36 kV

DSCS Technical
T Connector 36kV 630A
  Items Parameter
  Items Parameter
  Cable 19/33kV
  System Voltage 36kV
  Rated Current 630A
  Partial Discharge 33kV/ ≤10pC
  A.C. Withstand Test 85.5kV/5min.

Selection Table for T-Connector 36kV 630A with DIN Compression Lugs

36 kV
Reference Number
Conductor Material
mm2 min. max. Al Cu  
35 25.0 25.0mm DSCS-6301 DSCS-6312 Enquire Now
50 26.3 29.5mm DSCS-6302 DSCS-6313 Enquire Now
70 26.3 29.5mm DSCS-6303 DSCS-6314 Enquire Now
95 26.3 29.5mm DSCS-6304 DSCS-6315 Enquire Now
120 30.9 34mm DSCS-6305 DSCS-6316 Enquire Now
150 30.9 34mm DSCS-6306 DSCS-6317 Enquire Now
185 30.9 34mm DSCS-6307 DSCS-6318 Enquire Now
240 36.3 38.5mm DSCS-6308 DSCS-6319 Enquire Now
300 36.3 38.5mm DSCS-6309 DSCS-6320 Enquire Now
400 41.5 44.7mm DSCS-6310 DSCS-6321 Enquire Now
500 41.5 44.7mm DSCS-6311 DSCS-6322 Enquire Now
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