Vacuum Circuit Breaker

12 kV Metal-clad Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

VCBI-04 log

12 kV Metal-clad Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type

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Salient Features

  • Sheet Metal Enclosure-Pre-treated & Powder Coated
  • Bolted Construction
  • Extendable from both sides of penal
  • PVC Insulated Busbar
  • No live parts accessible & exposed
  • In-built safety shutter
  • All Switching operations performed with front door closed
  • Circuit Breaker withdraw type with interlock & fixed type
  • Separate compartment for Breaker, Busbar, CT/Cable & Instrument chamber
  • Access to cable terminals from the rear

Maintenance & Operation

  • Maintenance free vacuum interrupters and low maintenance drive mechanism
  • Front access door fully integrated with interlock system
  • Complete mechanical interlocking provided

Type Test Reports Available On Request

Fully type test at CPRI as per IEC-62271-100-2008/IEC-62271-200-2008/IEC-60694-2008

Technical Data

Properties Requirements
Rated voltage and insulation 12 kV
Rated maximum current of the feeders 2000 A
Rated maximum current of the busbar 2000 A
Rated short-time current for 3 second 25 kA
Rated short circuit breaking current (effective value) 25 kA
Rated short circuit making current (peak value) 62.5 kA
Rated operation sequence O-0.3sec-CO-3min-CO
Power frequency withstand voltage (effective value) 28 kV
Lighting impulse withstand voltage (peak value) 75 kV
Dimension of panel :

630/750mm (approx.)
1535/1735mm (approx.)
2450mm (max.)
Weight of panel with breaker 700-1000Kg.